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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Learning to Rest

As my followers can see I've made a few changes to the blog. Just background colour and font colours.
I find the taupe background a little easier on the eyes. I hope all who visit will like it too.

I've been laid up again. My back has put me out of working condition again.
It seems I went back to work too soon so now I am dealing with the consequences.
Why is it so hard for people just to rest? I suppose we are all conditioned to believe that if you are not quote "working" you are not contributing on any level. It is such a shame when I think about it, our self worth is is primarily based on our productivity. We live in an era and society that bases our personal value on our work ethics and productivity. Even our creative spirit can be squelched by such a negative belief system.
I do understand that taking time off from work is a matter of economics also. I cannot afford to take this time off. I will lose income. I am self employed. I provide a residential cleaning service as well as design
home decor, so I truly rely on this income. But I have had to gain some perspective. If I don't rest to heal my lower back I will not be able to clean anymore or maybe other forms of employment will not be available to me as a result of these health issues. Cleaning houses provides me with so many perks, flexibility of my time, choosing my clients (a big plus) no stress- my biggest concern is whether or not my clients house is clean when I leave and the answer is always "YES". Immediate gratification, I do the job well, I am proud of my work and every day my clients are happy and thanking me for a job well done!
It is also great physical activity  provided I learn how to do it correctly of course. I even have clients that allow me to bring my dog Major. I never got any of these perks working as a Department manager for Walmart.
So here I am, learning to rest to heal my back so I can go back to an occupation that is satisfying, stress free and chock full of perks that I am so grateful for. I truly have been blessed. In the meantime I can spend time designing, updating my website and blog. Tasks that don't require physical labour or my back!
Gaining a new perspective can be liberating. I am thankful that God has revealed this new perspective to me. In so doing He has freed me from the chains of a belief system that could've been detramental to my health.
I hope everyone has a great week, and take care!