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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Custom Sewing Venture




Hello again everyone. I just want you all to know that I am moving in a new direction in my life. It seems that my lower back issues are not healing the way that I had hoped, so I have had to make the difficult decision to end my residential cleaning services. The decision was a difficult one as I have been blessed with wonderful clients to serve, and I am truly going to miss them all but I need to look after myself so I was left with no other option but to end the cleaning service.
I have decided to go back to my custom sewing service. I have designed window treatments, cushions, slipcovers, duvet covers and pillow shams, kitchen accessories and much more over the years.
I have also developed quite a following of clients, distressing furniture and wood accents pieces so I will also take on that again also as much as my lower back issues will allow.


If you have any questions about my service please feel free to contact by email at

Below are more images of my work, both custom sewing and distressed furniture

Distressed Bench & Dresser

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Special Gift

I got an email from one of my brothers ( he is #3 of 5, all older than me and yes I am the only girl)yesterday saying that he has sent me a little gift to be delivered that day, but I need to be at home to sign for it. So I stayed home waiting impatiently for my surprise. All day I kept wondering what it was. Well the purolator truck came rolling in about 4pm and I was out the door like a shot, back injury and all!!!
The box was fairly large which made my imagination soar, what ever could it be.
When I finally got the signing done for the parcel and into the house I immediately grabbed the box cutter and started tearing at it. The box when opened was full of styrofoam popcorn pellets and items wrapped in bubble wrap. When I opened the first item I couldn't believe my eyes. It was a silver sugar bowl, the next piece was the creamer, then the teapot, then the coffee pot and finally on the bottom was the tray.
I was ecstatic, I just couldn't believe it. The set is just beautiful, something I would never in a million years buy for myself.

When I got to speak to him to thank him he told me that this was in place of my grandmothers set that I was supposed to get. Apparently her set was in such terrible condition that it really could not be brought back to even somewhat close to the original condition. So here I am with a beautiful silver tea and coffee set . A wonderful surprise and a very special gift from one of my brothers... I think I'll keep him!