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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Category and Listings on our Website

We have just listed a few new items in the past two days under a new category.
This category is called   Kitchen Accessory Co-ordinates.
With this new category we will provide our customer several  items of the same fabric and details
for a complete kitchen ensemble.
At this time we are making just a few of each design to test our market. Depending on the demand more will be produced. There might be slight changes in detailing fabrics ( fabric used for binding and applique) but the colour schemes will remain similar.
This group we are introducing are made with a black and taupe check 100% cotton homespun fabric.

We will be introducing other colour schemes of navy and taupe and burgundy and taupe
We are producing these items for both retail and wholesale purchase. If you are a retailer interested in these items please visit our website at and follow the link on the left hand side panel to our Wholesale Information for more details.
For more information please contact me by email at

Talk to you again soon Colleen Walker

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Change in Our Shipping Policy


We will be charging ACTUAL SHIPPING COST FEES ONLY with a nominal $2.00 fee for shipping materials and other expenses .

We have decided that trying to determine the shipping fees by flat rate and other means is just too confusing and usually ends up costing the consumer more or us by lost revenue from shipping fees that are too low. This is what we have decided. When an order is placed, your invoice for the items will come to you first and payment at that time will be appreciated. We will then process the items ordered and prepare them to be shipped. We have a postal scale here at our studio and we will calculate the shipping fees based on volume and weight through the Canada Postal Service online tools. We will gather the the fee information for several options available for our customer to choose their preferrance.
That information will be emailed to you and you can notify us by email with the method you prefer. Then a PayPal invoice for the shipping fees will be sent to you. When shipping fee is paid item(s) will be shipped.

If you would like an estimate of your shipping fees before ordering we will be happy to do this. Please remember it is an estimate and slight fluctuations in fees may occur upon actual orderd shipment.

I understand that this may seem like a few more steps in the process but it seems like the only way to ensure that all parties involved are handled fairly and honestly.

I hope you find this helpful if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

Thanks so much and take care.

There has been a delay and other news....

I had great plans this weekend passed to begin design work on wood products and to continue to set up and merchandise the studio for our Easter weekend opening. Well not so much!:( I pulled muscles in my lower back and was, well how do I put it out of commission for the weekend and for the next two weeks at least according to my doctor. I can't lay down for long periods of time or I will seize up. I am to alternate between walking around at home, sitting, and standing. I am not able to lift anything heavy (please explain? how is that determined? I'll just have to wing it, I guess if it hurts to pick it up it's too heavy!) I'm also not supposed to do any housework either, no vacuming, no sweeping, no washing of floors etc., which would be a dream come true if I didn't supplement my design work by providing a cleaning service to several clients. This is truly my ERMA BOMBECK MOMMEMT!!!!
I'm taking muscle relaxants and those are a treat! Enough said...
Oh well suck it up Colleen and use this time as best you can. So this is what I can do while I'm somewhat indisposed. I am standing in my office with my laptop on a platform to a height that is comfortable for me to work on typing this blog while my desktop computer is downloading one of my favorite programs,(I'm a huge Ugly Betty  and The Good Wife Fan) I just LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!!! well and my husband because he is my techi guy and keeps me in good technical running order, what would I do without him? I shudder to think.
Now on to other news. We now have a link from our website to this blog, (finally figured that one out), and we have changed our shipping policy on the website. There is more information on our updated shipping policy on the next post arriving shortly! Will sign off now and move on to the shipping policy post, see you soon.