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Thursday, March 11, 2010

There has been a delay and other news....

I had great plans this weekend passed to begin design work on wood products and to continue to set up and merchandise the studio for our Easter weekend opening. Well not so much!:( I pulled muscles in my lower back and was, well how do I put it out of commission for the weekend and for the next two weeks at least according to my doctor. I can't lay down for long periods of time or I will seize up. I am to alternate between walking around at home, sitting, and standing. I am not able to lift anything heavy (please explain? how is that determined? I'll just have to wing it, I guess if it hurts to pick it up it's too heavy!) I'm also not supposed to do any housework either, no vacuming, no sweeping, no washing of floors etc., which would be a dream come true if I didn't supplement my design work by providing a cleaning service to several clients. This is truly my ERMA BOMBECK MOMMEMT!!!!
I'm taking muscle relaxants and those are a treat! Enough said...
Oh well suck it up Colleen and use this time as best you can. So this is what I can do while I'm somewhat indisposed. I am standing in my office with my laptop on a platform to a height that is comfortable for me to work on typing this blog while my desktop computer is downloading one of my favorite programs,(I'm a huge Ugly Betty  and The Good Wife Fan) I just LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!!! well and my husband because he is my techi guy and keeps me in good technical running order, what would I do without him? I shudder to think.
Now on to other news. We now have a link from our website to this blog, (finally figured that one out), and we have changed our shipping policy on the website. There is more information on our updated shipping policy on the next post arriving shortly! Will sign off now and move on to the shipping policy post, see you soon.

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