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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Christmassy Things

It's that time of year again, and as you can imagine, we have all been busy doing Christmassy things. Perhaps none of us have been quite as Christmas busy as Colleen...... and she doesn't even have little helper elves to do it for her like some people, whom shall remain nameless, who live in the North Pole & have reindeer delivery guys. Colleen only has one reindeer, and although she's pretty darn cute, she's not real big on helping.......

So here is just a little glimpse of the Christmas magic being spun in Colleen's studio.......

Hey Crafty Peeps

Soooo......  admittedly, it's been awhile, but big things are happening over here!!!

Colleen has been a busy little beaver, returning to her craft with fervor..... well maybe not to that extent, but she really has been quite busy.
  Along with her , upholstering, custom sewing & repairs, primitive & french country decor, she has added repurposing & distressing furniture & accent pieces to her ever growing repertoire.  Most of it being custom work, so if you can dream it, she can do it.
We are talking many one of a kind pieces here people!!!
She's had great success with recent sales, showcasing her natural talent & amazing work.

........ and just a few pics from one of  Colleen's recent craft shows