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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Custom Sewing Venture




Hello again everyone. I just want you all to know that I am moving in a new direction in my life. It seems that my lower back issues are not healing the way that I had hoped, so I have had to make the difficult decision to end my residential cleaning services. The decision was a difficult one as I have been blessed with wonderful clients to serve, and I am truly going to miss them all but I need to look after myself so I was left with no other option but to end the cleaning service.
I have decided to go back to my custom sewing service. I have designed window treatments, cushions, slipcovers, duvet covers and pillow shams, kitchen accessories and much more over the years.
I have also developed quite a following of clients, distressing furniture and wood accents pieces so I will also take on that again also as much as my lower back issues will allow.


If you have any questions about my service please feel free to contact by email at

Below are more images of my work, both custom sewing and distressed furniture

Distressed Bench & Dresser


  1. Hi Colleen, your curtains look awesome, you do a wonderful job! I have lower back issues too and had to quit my long time job at an animal hospital right before Christmas due to a herniated disc. I had a bone fragment break off and lodge against my nerve running down my leg, had surgery to have it removed, but I don't think I'll ever work in that field again. I have fibromyalgia also so not sure what I'll be able to do, the physically *easy* jobs are hard to find nowadays:(

  2. Thanks Carmen for your kind words and praise of my work. I am grateful to have these gifts as I know it they will be instrumental in my healing process.
    My girlfriend has fibromyalgia also and I know how dipilitating it can be.
    My heart goes out you and my prayers go to.