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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bear Bears Best Biscuits

This is a photo of our Bear Bear, sadly our dear friend is no longer with us but in honour of him we have decided to name his favorite biscuits after him. I have made all our dogs homemade all natural biscuits using a recipe I have developed over the years. Well Bear and our other two dogs Major & Katie as well as their friends in their social pack , Dakota, Remy, Little Bear, Sadie, Brandie, Riley, Molly, Whiskey, to name just a few in their social circle seem to enjoy them immensely so we are now selling them on our website, Harvest House Primitives.
Visit the link below to get more information on these
biscuits,  according to Bear they are "SCRUMDILLYICIOUS"


  1. Dakota (aka Toad), Remy and Little Bear always enjoy a cookie at Colleens place. After a long walk (okay not so long to the dogs)we stop in at Katie and Majors house and Colleen always has a Bear Bear cookie for them. Feeding store bought biscuits just doesnt cut it for Colleen and her pack of loveys....Stephanie

  2. I got these from Santa dog last Christmas, I didn't know Colleen was the elf who made them!!!!!
    They are on the top of my Christmas list this year. I love them!!!!

    woof woof