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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Like Nailing Jell-O to a tree !

When did it happen?
Where did my sweet little girl go, who's whole world revolved around "Mommy"?
My world still revolves around her.
I remember the changes well.   These changes started out very gradual at first. She traded her baby dolls in for the more grown up "Bratz" dolls and eventually traded these in for boy/girl parties and dances.
Then came the "Schizo-barbie from hell" stage.  These mood-swings could be frightening at times, down right bizarre and sometimes even mildly amusing.
Now at the age of 15 there are no longer mood swings per se, just one main mood, and it's not pretty, nor is it for the faint of heart.
Raising a teenager is equivalent to nailing jell-o to a tree. Or as I heard from someone else, "like playing russian roulette with a bunch of drunken monkeys". Yup, I'd have to agree with that one :)
Somedays it seems as though any morals or values we tried to instill have been tossed out the window. And believe me, parents do not know the proper definition of "worry" until they have teenagers.
Anyone knows how to kiss a skinned knee better and magically mend any "boo boo" , but just try and mend a broken heart (these are much harder to heal) without wanting to do unspeakable things to the one who broke it.
The hardest part of raising a teen is not taking the way they speak to you to heart and sitting back and watching them make mistakes that you know are going to hurt them AND letting them make them because it's a lesson they must learn on their own.
While adolesence can  be confusing to say the least (constantly trying to rebel and conform at the same time takes its toll on anyone) it is indeed the cruelest place on earth, but it can also be a wonderous time of learning and self exploration if you let it.
As a child I would see glimpses of the young lady she will one day become, but now I see glimpses of the young woman she is becoming. I think she'll be alright :)

Dana :)


  1. OH YES! Like nailing jello to a tree with HOT nails, LOL! My son is almost 19 and in the Army now, but he still has his *moments*:)

  2. Wow really profound! & sooo true!