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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Living Room Primitive Shop

Well I've moved my products to my living room, and turned the living room into a temporary shop! This grand idea came about Thursday afternoon and was put into action that evening.

I have had very little working space in my studio since I mercandised my product in it. It also wasn't the greatest set up from the customers point of view. There was not much room for the customer to move around comfortably so after discussing it with my husband we both agreed that this would be the best solution.It is working out quite nicely. The customers are coming in the front door right into the living room.
They are not walking through my house so the rest of the house is traffic free! My studio is back in order, clean and tidy and ready for work to commence. I have some shows to get ready for a some restocking of my shop.

Take a peek at the pictures. I think it looks great now.

Eventually we will set up our flat screen television to show a slideshow of our work over the years. Maybe I will have that ready for next week!!!

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