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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Links to Learning Celebrates 10 years

Saturday January 23rd 2010 was a special day for a special learning program. This program assists children with their reading and grammar skills. From grade one and up.

My sister Joan started up this program in Belleville Ontario to assist those children in her community with their reading skills. It helps those children having difficulties with their reading and also helps other children to improve on their reading skills and grammar.

Several years ago Joan’s daughter Melanie started the “Reading Rocks” program. This program encourages children to read as many books as they can in a year. Each year a goal has been set and and each following year the goal number is increased. The goal for 2009 was 1000 books in one year!!!

To help with this celebration I was asked to make something that all the children could take home with them as an award for the “Reading Rocks” program and to celebrate “Links to Learning” first ten years.

My husband David suggested a small pillow that the children could use to rest their heads on as they read. Joan and Melanie really liked the idea so that is what we did.

David updated the logo to include the 10 year celebration and the Reading Rocks program.

Well we made 60 pillows in two days. With help from my husband and my girlfriend Dana the job was completed. We all had such fun doing it too.

Apparently the pillows were a hit, the children just loved them and the celebration on a whole was a huge success.

To find out more about the Links to Learning program go to their website

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  1. Congrats to you all Colleen on such a successful program! That's wonderful news and your pillows are awesome! Many blessings to you all, hugs, Libby