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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Salvation Army Find

Hi everyone I just wanted to show you my Salvation Army awesome purchase I made yesterday.
I went to my local Salvation Army where I go quite often at least once a week to see what they have.
In fact between the Salvation Army and our other thrift store in town called Hidden Treasures, I'm sure

Well as I was looking around I picked up the first book of the Twilight series for 50 cents. I thought that was my great purchase for the day. Well it wasn't, I decided to walk around again just to see if I missed anything good and I looked down on the bottom shelf of the household items and I saw a sewing machine case. There was no name branding on the case so I pulled it out and opened it up. It was a Husqvarna, model # 1040. My lower jaw almost hit the floor. I asked the sales woman if it was working and she said it would have to as they do not put anything out like this without testing it and ensuring it is in good working order. Well the best part of the deal is I got it for $5.00 I couldn't believe it. It was marked $5.00 and I had to have it. I got it home, cleaned it up, and tested it. It works like a charm. It came with it's manual, assorted accessories including a ruffler, bobbins, and the extension table as well of course as the foot peddle and plug.

I just can't believe my good fortune. I am an avid sewer and I have a great old Bernina sewing machine that my friend gave me and a newer Kenmore as well as a serger but I'm not parting with this little gem  because I know I will use this one too!!!

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  1. Wow $5! That is awesome. And she'll have a great home with you. :)